Thursday, February 18, 2016

Snowstorm Came and Went

We finally got substantial snow early this week.  Three days later, the snow is almost all melted.  So here are just a few pictures of the snow on Tuesday, 2/16.  This was a very heavy, wet snow weighing on the evergreen boughs.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Is This Really Winter?

We are having a very mild Winter in 2015-2016 in central Ohio!  It is already February, and we have had only one snowfall that required shoveling--a rather minimal snowfall, at that!

Recently, we had temperatures in the high sixties, more like Spring.   We are getting ready for another cold week, but not any colder than normal for this season.  We have had plenty of good cookout weather, and it will be sunny and maybe as warm as the forties this weekend!

Beginning last fall, Homer Village Market began offering propane tank exchange for your backyard barbecue.  We have the lowest prices in the area!  You can exchange your empty tank for a full tank for $19.99 (plus tax) or purchase a full tank without an exchange for $49.99.  We also carry charcoal and starter fluid for grilling.

If you plan to fire up the grill this weekend, you can stop by to get any of the following.  These are great oven-baked or pan-sauteed also:

  • Lamb Chops (local, grass-fed lambs)
  • Wild-caught Louisiana alligator white-meat fillets
  • Johnsonville mild Italian sausage
  • Johnsonville smoked bratwurst
  • Wild-caught Mahi-Mahi fillets (South America)
  • Wild-caught Yellow-Fin Tuna fillets (Vietnam)
  • 12-oz. "porterhouse-style cut" pork loin chop (USA)
  • 8-oz "flatiron" pork shoulder steak (USA)
  • 8-oz Norwegian salmon fillets (farm raised in Norway)
  • 5-oz Alaskan Salmon Burger patties (wild-caught salmon)
  • 5-oz Garden Veggie Burger (Morningstar Farms)
  • Quarter-pound, natural casing, spicy, Hot Franks (Ozzie's brand)
  • All natural, Andouille Sausage (Aidell's brand)
We have some delicious cookies, cheesecake, and ice cream for dessert, and plenty of appetizers! 

Our beverage selection, besides Pepsi products, includes your favorite beer, wine, sparkling wine, or mixed beverage as well as classic, glass-bottled soft drinks:  root beer, orange cream soda, black cherry cream soda, ginger beer, and green apple soda.

Stop by for a family-size Take-n-Bake pepperoni pizza for a quick and easy meal at about half the price of a pizza delivery.  These pizzas are getting rave reviews!

Hope to see you soon!