Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deer Hunting Season

Licking County, Ohio, is a favorite destination for deer hunters from all over the country. The deer population is large, and the rural landscape provides a great habitat.

Area farmers are still in process of harvesting crops, so the deer still have plenty of cover. This can be frustrating for hunters in their tree stands in the fence row along the edge of the fields. Sometimes it may seem as though more deer are crossing the highways than are seen in the fields and woods!

Serious hunters will set up their stands early and begin watching for patterns of the herds of deer. Some will even put a "trail camera" or "deer cam" near their tree stand to see when the deer are most active.

Here is a picture of the buck harvested in November 2013 on our farm by our friend Dave, an experienced, licensed deer hunter we permit to hunt there.

Dave monitored he activity of the herds earlier in the season.  To maintain a good population of deer for hunting, Dave will not target any female (doe) deer or young males (bucks).

The trail cameras this year have captured photos of some large bucks as well as young families of deer, some even still nursing.  We will post some photos of the herds as well as the harvest later in the season.

Happy Hunting!  We welcome hunters to stop by the Homer Village Market when they emerge from the woods!

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