Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lamb for the Holidays

We have sold out of leg of lamb about one week before Easter and Passover holidays this year.  For those of you who wanted a leg roast for your holiday meal but were not able to get one from Homer Village Market due to demand exceeding supply, I apologize.  We have a small farming operation and even smaller freezer storage space for those large roasts.  Next year we will probably take orders and make the roasts available a few months prior to the holiday so that you can buy what you need and store in your home freezer.  We wish that lambs had more than two legs, but that's all God gave them!  It's funny that we look at them and say they have four legs, but those two in front are their arms!!!   Shoulder roasts are much more flavorful than leg roasts, but they are a little trickier to cook since they require moist heat, and longer cooking at lower oven temperatures to be nice and tender.  Crown roasts and loin roasts of lamb chops are a festive and delicious meal for holidays but they also need to be ordered in advance due to limited supply and special processing required.  These chops and roasts are the most expensive cut of the lamb and are considered a delicacy.    Recipes are available on the website of the American Lamb Board (see links on this blog) and also on many cooking websites on the internet including food network and epicurious.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early Summer? What about Spring?

Having several days in a row of 80 degrees and mid seventies with 50's at night makes a person want to do all the things we do in the summer such as gardening, eating ice cream and popsicles, spraying everything with the garden hose, and eating more ice cream!!!   I guess we could still get a snow storm, so planting flowers might be a little bit foolish--but so hard to resist!

We hope to get the food cart open in the next week or so if this weather holds out!   The local youth softball leagues are already practicing at the ball fields, and the parents are working up an appetite.
People are making campfires and doing overnight camping too!   The fish are jumping, and with all the rain we've had, the streams are a great place to enjoy the outdoors.  

Be sure to check out our website and see what's new in the store.  We just got Velvet Ice Cream back in stock today!  Today we also have strawberry rhubarb pies, almost 3-pounds a piece, ready for your oven.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reopening Tuesday March 12, 2012

Wow, the time has sped by, at least for me, while the store was closed in February and early March!  I have missed seeing all of you in the store and around town!  

You will notice a few changes in the store and more to come.  We are introducing some new products in our dairy and meat departments,  and will be adding more as the weather keeps improving.   

Please stop in and say Hi!