Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More about Beer

Homer Village Market began selling beer and wine in February 2014, as many of you know.  It has been an interesting journey to discover what beer and wine brands customers prefer.  Even more interesting has been researching all the beer and wine brands available from the major distributors in Ohio.

The internet makes research fascinating and exhaustive.  Breweries and Wineries generally have websites and Facebook pages.  They frequently post links to articles about beer and wine brands, cooking with beer or wine, or results of beer and wine competitions from around the nation and around the globe.  What better way to discover a new beer or wine to try than to read about other people's experiences and recommendations!

Here are a few interesting links I came across today regarding beer.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!  Where does your state rank for beer in list of "Best Beers in America?"    Ohio ranks #12.

Or how about this article which is a sort of "bucket list" of beers to drink before you die!  I was surprised to see Miller High Life on the author's list.  I might have to taste that one for myself!  I see in the picture that particular bottle has a Harley Davidson emblem.  The only person I know who loves to drink Miller High Life also loves his Harley....I presume there must be some connection between the two brands.....that will be my next research project on a rainy day!

It is also fun to read beer reviews on the Beer Advocate website.  Sometimes you can find beers similar in style to ones you already know and love.  If you are hesitant to buy a whole pack of a beer brand you have never tasted, because you fear you will be stuck with the rest if you don't like it, you could always go to a local bar that has an extensive beer list, and try just one.  In our area, Brew's CafĂ© has a rather extensive beer menu.  I hope you will experiment with a few new styles of beer and wine just to be sure you don't miss anything fabulous! 

Did you know that some beer actually tastes good with various kinds of cheese?  Usually one thinks of wine paired with cheese and beer paired with chips or peanuts or maybe hot dogs and burgers.  Cooking with wine and beer is also an adventure.  I love using beer to cook bratwurst.  Dry white wine can make great soup with the addition of herbs, seafood, and vegetables.  Dry red wine makes a good marinade ingredient and also a good addition to sauces for pasta or meaty gravy.  Sweet red wine can be used in desserts such as fudge brownie recipes, red velvet cake recipes, or frozen into a slush to make a pure wine dessert! 

If you want to try something new or pick up some of your favorite brands, please stop by the store and check out our selection!  Thanks for reading, and thanks for shopping in the store!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kids Are Back to School

We knew it was coming, but how did this happen so quickly?  The Hartford Fair ended and Labor Day weekend is next weekend.  The crops are looking good, and football practice began last week!  These are all the signs of Summer coming to an end.

Tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen, and the hot peppers in the garden are ready to pick! Many home gardeners have already harvested their sweet corn and have put away plenty for over the Winter!

Speaking of Winter, last Winter was so cold that our grapes, peaches, and strawberry crops were damaged.  We are hoping that this Winter will not be as severe!  Our local orchard brought in some delicious peaches from North Carolina, so we didn't have to do without peaches this year!  The apple orchards look very good.

Now that Fall is approaching and the kids are back in school, it is time to get back to the familiar routines and schedules.  Summer was nice and lazy for many of us, hectic for others. The school year brings structure back to our lives, and the children are back at the top of our priorities.

Enjoy the season, and take time to smell roses!  Take lots of pictures, and cherish the memories of family times together!  Life is moving so quickly!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pelotonia Fundraising Bicycle Tour

They have one cause--ending cancer.  Over seven thousand bicycle riders participated in Pelotonia 14 today.    They rode on 276 teams (pelotons) on a beautiful, sunny day in Central Ohio.   Over the past several weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the riders as they trained for this big day.   Some stopped for a cold bottle of water or Gatorade and a snack at the Homer Village Market and rested under the awning in front of the store.

This is an annual event, and the riders raise millions of dollars for cancer research.  Many sponsors help to promote the event, donate funds, and provide volunteer workers at the rest stops or to assist with transportation.   In many of the small towns along the route, you will see bystanders cheering them on, waving flags or ringing bells.  Family members follow in vehicles and try to meet them at the stops and provide additional encouragement and refreshments.

I want to thank all of the Pelotonia participants, friends, and family members who stopped by the store today to buy refreshments.  Thank you for the important fundraising effort you made today!

Thanks also to the two Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers who stood in the middle of our intersection and directed traffic in the hot sun from 10 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock in the evening.  You kept everyone safe and the traffic was flowing smoothly.  Thanks also for supporting the store with your purchases!

We look forward to next summer when the cyclists will be training for Pelotonia 15.  Hopefully, next year's ride will have such good weather, good turnout, and most importantly, many donations to support the cause!

Be sure and check out the website and consider riding next year or donating your money or time to help raise money to end cancer.