Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brilliant Sunshine! Fire up the Grill!

We are lucky to have some temps in the high seventies this week and lots of sunshine.   Weekend weather isn't forecast to be as nice though, so don't wait until then to fire up the backyard barbeque grill!

We offer lots of meat and seafood for the grill including burgers, sausages, salmon, chicken, and steaks.  Also in the deli cooler are some pre-made salads:  macaroni, potato, and cole slaw. Fresh produce including lettuce and tomatoes are also on hand.

If you are looking for some fresh steaks to grill for dinner, stop by the store for sirloin steaks, only $3.99 each (or $3.50 each when you buy four or more).    These are 6 ounce, USDA "choice"- grade, bottom butt sirloin "ball tip sizzler" steaks from Davis Creek Meats.

Not only are these steaks great on the grill, they make a quick and easy stir-fry. For stir-fry, simply slice one or two steaks thinly in bite-sized pieces, and slice up your choice of vegetables such as onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, and/or zucchini (and don't forget some fresh garlic).  Then get your frying pan really hot, (I use cast-iron) add a little oil, and then, using two wooden spoons or some tongs, toss the meat and veggies in the hot pan until the meat is brown and the veggies are crisp-tender. 

One technique I like to use for stir-fry is to quickly sear the meat first, remove it from the pan and set it aside in a bowl while I stir fry the vegetables to desired doneness.  This way the meat won't overcook and will be nice and tender and juicy when you add it back to the pan.   When the veggies are tender enough, keep the pan heat really high and "deglaze" it by adding a little liquid.... a half cup to one cup of water or broth or even beer (depending on the volume of meat and veggies)....then reduce heat and add back the meat and you are ready to serve by itself or paired with rice or noodles.

It is fun to experiment with stir-fry meals.   The variations are limited only by your imagination!   I like to add some dried cayenne peppers, black-bean garlic paste, a little water thickened with corn starch and stir that into the hot pan just before serving.  This recipe works well with chicken breast or pork loin, too.  Freshly grated ginger is nice with pork, as is pineapple!

So even if it rains on your barbeque plans, you now have a back-up plan!!!   Have a wonderful week!  Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Showers

Spring is finally here!  Birds are singing, and flowers are blooming everywhere.   The mourning dove is nesting above the light fixture under the store awning, same as last Spring and the one before that. 

The turkeys at our farm are laying eggs, and soon there will be chirping and peeping and the fluttering of tiny new wings!   The little lambs are frolicking in the pasture then resting near their moms.

Big semi trucks are rushing both directions on SR661, another rite of Spring.  People are stirring, builders are building, and goods are making their way to busy destinations.  

Huge green and yellow farm tractors and implements are crawling through the intersection on their way to fertile fields.   The smell of freshly spread manure is wafting in the warm, Spring air.

Thirsty children donning bright, new athletic uniforms and smiling faces are spilling through the door to buy cold beverages and sweet snacks after school.   Frazzled parents are rounding up last-minute groceries for a quick and easy dinner after five.   

Bicycists making their way along the scenic, country roads in preparation for touring with friends this summer are stopping in at the store to refill their water bottles or grab some quick energy snacks.   Soon they will be stopping by for a burst of AC and a cold gatorade!   Smiling and talkative, people on bicycles always bring positive vibes into the store!

I hope you are enjoying the warm-up and Spring rains as well as all the new blooms around the yard.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!