Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goings on at the Farm

Lambing season is just about done, but there are still a few ewes expecting lambs in the next 30 days or so.   We are weaning "Buddy" the one bottle baby we've been feeding for a couple of months since her Mom died giving birth to five lambs!  Buddy is the only survivor of them now, and he seems to be healthy though a little small for his age.  He has had several rides around town to visit friends and neighbors, and is always welcoming attention from humans.

Drilling of a traditional (vertical),  Clinton-formation gas well was just completed on the farm last week and is not yet operational.   It was a noisy week with the drilling crew working 24 x 7 to get it done.  This is the first well since we've owned the farm, and are looking forward to the day we will have free gas to heat our home, and maybe enough royalties to make some improvements to the property.  

I took a picture of the drilling rig while it was out there, so I'm posting it here.  The tower, trailer, and all the equipment are gone now, and we are waiting for the crew to return to install the pumping gear and pipelines.  We'll be putting in some new fencing and gates to keep the area secure but accessible to the gas company without letting our sheep out of the pasture.  Will be good when it's done!

We have a lot of brown lambs this year, and here is why!   Look at the Daddy!!!

Greeting Cards Are Here!

The next time you want to send a card, remember to stop by Homer Village Market to see the new selection of greeting cards including:  Birthday, Thank You, Sympathy, Wedding, Anniversary, Congratulations, Get Well, Thinking of You, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, and all the major Christian holidays.   Be sure to check out our display of gift mugs.  We also have gift certificates, and many fancy foods that make nice gifts.

We plan to add additional greeting card options such as boxed assortments, value cards, and collector's cards.   If you have any special requests of card themes, please let Jean know!