Friday, June 22, 2012


I think this may be the hottest week in June that I can remember!   Sorry to say that we are SOLD OUT OF ICE until Monday, June 25.   No ice this weekend!  There will be plenty for next weekend though and for the Fourth of July holiday.

This heat really calls for grilling outside!  We have lots of grilling meats including locally raised, all natural, grass-fed angus beef, ground.  Also, fresh sirloin steaks, all beef hot dogs, garlic knockwurst, alligator, frogs legs, salmon burgers, and more.

Somebody was wondering how many pair of frogs legs are in a 5 pound box.  Since there are 6-8 medium size frogs legs per pound, let's use 7 as an average, then you will have about 35 pairs of frogs legs in a 5-pound box.  I counted them once, and that's about right.  So you can buy a pair of individually wrapped frogs legs for $1 (minimum 6 pair)  or a 5-pound box for $35 regular price or $30 on sale.   They are quite good on the grill, and also make a nice cajun stew with tomatoes, butter, and garlic.  Go ahead, add some alligator to the stew, and make it a seafood gumbo.

Be sure to stop by for fresh sirloin steak.  They are USDA Choice grade, approximately 6 oz. each, and only $3.95 each or 6 for $22.   Great on the grill.  Next Tuesday, the extra large (13 oz) pork chops will arrive.  The pork chops are porterhouse-style cut with the loin attached and are marinated for your convenience in getting a nice, tender chop without overcooking.

 Speaking of $22, you can get 3 pounds of salmon burgers (that's 12 individual burgers, 20 ounces of protein each) for $22.  They are great on the grill or baked in the oven or warmed in a frying pan.  They are meant to be cooked from the frozen state, so it only takes about 4 minutes per side if you cook them on the grill or in a frying pan.  They take a little longer in the oven, like 10 minutes per side.   These salmon burgers are delicious, all natural,  and are made with wild-caught Alaskan salmon and no fillers such as bread crumbs.  They are lightly seasoned and have mild smoke flavoring.

We have extra large mushrooms which are so delicious stir-fried at high heat with butter and olive oil and garlic.  You could also put them on a skewer with some other veggies and cut up steak and have a tasty shish-ka-bob.

I hope you are staying cool.  It is nice and cool inside the store!  Hope to see you soon!

Here is a picture of some frogs legs ready to grill.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goings on at the Farm

Lambing season has finally come to an end, and many of the lambs already appear to be as large as some of the ewes!   They have an amazing, lush pasture this year due to the early warm temperatures and mild winter. 

Last week, twenty-six of the sheep had an appointment with the sheep shearer for a haircut.   They are very happy to have lost all that wool now that the temps have been getting into the upper eighties and nineties.   Even the black-faced great-grandma ewe got sheared...first time in a couple of years at least.

One of the Black Spanish turkeys was sitting on a nest of eggs in a remote corner of one of the barns, and became the proud mother of nine babies at the end of May.   While they were a few days old, we kept the mom and her babies in a large cage for about a week with food and water to protect them from predators and assure they had food and water.   As they got a little bigger, we let mom and the babies out to roam the fenced front barnyard.  Mom was very protective, chasing after any sheep, chicken, duck, or human that got anywhere near them.  At night she kept them huddled under here wings.  Sad news is that one morning three babies were missing and then a few mornings later three more, and now she only has one baby left!   We kept that one baby in a cage overnight hoping to save it.   We really need to build a secure area for young turkey families.  Currently we have none that would keep them contained in a tightly woven mesh fence.     I'm glad I got a picture or two of the turkey family before their demise.

The Store is Overflowing!

Come by for some fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, vidalia onions, and kale while it is still nice and fresh!  Also we have some eonomical steaks for the grill this weekend:   ball-tip sizzlers, which are from the bottom sirloin.  These are USDA Choice, well marbled for flavor, and are each about 6 ounces.  You can buy 6 for $22, or they are $3.95 each.

If the kids want pizza, we have Tony's 12-inch pepperoni on sale 2 for $8 or 5 for $18.  Go ahead and pig out on pizza....and don't forget the salad!

For grilling, we have a few lamb chops left from our own farm as well as plenty of shoulder blade chops.  Salmon burgers from wild-caught Alaskan salmon are still available as well as one pound packages of, free-range/grass fed local angus ground beef, and Louisiana wild-caught alligator.   Frogs legs are on sale for $30 per 5-pound box, (usually $35) or you can buy pairs of frogs legs for $1 each if your freezer space is limited.

Swiss cheese is on sale this week.  We have Amish Lacey Swiss sliced or in an 8-ounce half-moon chunk.   There is also a wide selection of other cheese varieties at every-day low prices.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Picnics

Picnic season is upon us again!  The kids are out of school, and the livin' is easy!  Did you know that Homer Village Market has everything you need for a great picnic, including the charcoal and lighter fluid, styrofoam coolers, packaged ice, and citronella candles?  

For appetizers, you can find ingredients to make your own amazing recipe; or you can pick up salsa and chips, french onion or ranch dip and potato chips, hummus and pita, or cheese and crackers.  Don't forget the fresh veggies:  carrots, celery, tomatoes.  Soon there will be garden produce too!   How about some cheddar cheese curds to go with the wine you can get at the local winery on nearby Bennington Chapel Road.  We have a wide variety of cheeses from Wisconsin as well as Ohio.

For grilling, how about some local, grass-fed ground angus or local, grass-fed lamb?   We also have natural casing, all beef hot dogs, garlic knockwurst, and cajun andouille sausage.  Want to go cajun for your picnic?   We have cajun seasonings as well as wild-caught Louisiana alligator white meat from the tail.  We also have frogs legs, which can make a great cajun-style stir fry or grill entree.   Emeril Lagasse has a great frogs legs recipe on the Food Network website, made with lots of butter, garlic, tomatoes, and his special spice recipe is revealed.

If you are headed to a picnic and want to bring something but don't have time to make something yourself, you can find prepared chicken salad, potato salad, tuna salad, ham salad, or a selection of desserts such as cheesecake, pie, cookies, or banana-nut bread.     The host and hostess would always appreciate extra beverages.   You can find cold beverages here including gallons of iced tea or punch, two liter or twelve-packs of Pepsi products, and single-serve products as well.

If you decide to take the plunge and make something fantastic to take to the picnic, keep in mind we have a good selection of spices, marinades, dressings, and sauces to make your recipe unique.  Yes, we even have capers!

If pasta is your thing, you will be amazed at the variety of brands and styles of pasta on the shelves here.   In addition to several varieties and flavors of Rossi Pasta and sauces, we have pastas from Italy including spaghetti, bowtie, rigatoni, and rotini, angel hair, penne and even cavatappi.   We have what you need for your salads including sour cream, fresh vidalia onions, Idaho potatoes, bell peppers, celery, mustard,  eggs, pickled beets, pickle relish, salami, Italian dressing, many varieties of vinegars, as well as honey, maple syrup, and sugar.

If you prefer to bake something for your picnic, we have flour, sugar, eggs, cocao, baking soda, baking powder, salt, dried fruits and nuts, chocolate chips, butter, margarine, and oil.  Need a short cut?  We also have a few cake mixes and prepared frostings, puddings,  as well as food color and birthday candles. 

Speaking of birthday candles.....did you know we have greeting cards?   Yes, now you can find birthday cards, graduation, wedding, bridal shower, sympathy, get well, Father's Day, and every occasion cards.

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