Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Almost February....Brrrrrr

Wow!  January is flying by, but not without reminding us what Winter can be like in Ohio.  We had a mild winter last year, but so far this year it has been unseasonably cold!   Schools have been closed a couple of days this week and a couple of days last week due to the extreme, dangerous cold and wind chills.  Just remember, there are less than 60 days until Spring!!!

Looking on the bright side of cold temperatures, this a excellent weather for making pizza.  What better way to warm up the kitchen than by turning the stove up to 400 or 450 to bake a pizza?  To celebrate hot pizza, we have just stocked 18 oz. Artisan Pizza Dough Balls.  Now you can have a pizzeria-quality, homemade pizza without getting out the mixing bowl!   You still need to plan about a day ahead, but the dough does all the work while you sleep or play.

This dough has no preservatives, "proofs" in it's own disposable container in your refrigerator, and makes one 16-inch medium crust (or 17-inch thin or 12-inch thick crust) pizza.  Just hand stretch the cold, raised dough on a floured surface, place on a greased pan, add your toppings, and bake!

Here's another idea for warming up the kitchen.  With Valentine's day coming in about two weeks, you could make a memorable, gourmet dinner for two.  In case you are bored with lamb chops, we have just stocked semi-boneless quail raised on a Pharaoh Quail plantation in Georgia.  These naturally raised birds are free of hormones and pesticides and enjoyed a vegetarian diet.  You can read more about them here:
Georgia-grown quail

There are quite a few interesting sounding recipes on the on the Food Network website as well as at the above link.   You can find the quail in our freezer section with four semi-boneless quail per package (14 ounces), which would serve two people.  The wing and leg bones are still attached.

If you still feel chilly even after heating up the kitchen stove to make pizza or quail, how about a steeping hot cup of herbal tea?!  We just restocked some favorites.

Hope to see you soon in the store so I can show you what's new!  If you hurry, you can find some bargains on the clearance rack, too.   Stay warm!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to another great year serving the community with all their shopping needs!  Thanks for shopping in the store in 2013 and thanks for stopping by to say "Hi" when you are in the vicinity.  Sometimes it gets lonely here in the little store, especially today!   New Year's Day.....not a lot of shoppers out and about today, but I was here for a few neighbors who needed things and didn't have to go very far to find them.

I enjoyed taking a few days off at the end of December to visit with family and friends for the holidays.  I hope you did the same!

Lots of changes in the works for the store this year!  Plans are taking shape for getting beer and wine displayed so that sales can begin sometime during the Spring of 2014.  We will keep you updated as progress is made.

See you soon!