Thursday, April 7, 2016

Welcome Spring!

Easter was in March this year, and what a beautiful, sunny Spring day it was!  Last week we cut the lawn for the first time this season, and this week it is sleeting, windy, and gray outside.

Lots of activities going on at our nearby farm.  There are many new lambs frolicking in the haystacks. Our friends are visiting with their horse and pony and volunteered to bottle feed an orphan lamb they named Ladybug.  A new batch of chicks are being raised and some more eggs are being incubated.

We always wanted a greenhouse at the farm in Ohio, so that is another new addition this Spring. Maybe you will find some fresh herbs and young trees for sale at Homer Village Market this year!  Perhaps we will even have enough surplus eggs to share. Be sure to check out the link to the store's website to see what's new! Also you can find us on Facebook!

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